We resolved the incident and have been monitoring for some time to ensure no reoccurrence, everything is working as it should be. Thanks for your patience.

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Task servers are now back online and operational. We are continuing to monitor but do not anticipate any further issues.

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This has been identified as an issue at one of our data centres and is being actively worked on. Core web and database servers remain unaffected and are not considered at risk.

A further update will be posted at 9pm

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We are currently investigating an issue with the availablility of OpenCRM task servers. Scheduled OpenCRM tasks (scheduled emails, reminders, reports) may be delayed. This issue is also affecting our main website. Core OpenCRM webservers and database servers are not affected and remain fully online.

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Began at:

Affected components
  • Task Servers
  • Internal Systems/Comms
    • Phones
    • Live Chat Service