Intermittent performance issues


All systems have returned to normal. If you are experiencing any ongoing issues please report these to our support team by emailing :

Thank you for your patience during the resolution of this issue.

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The Cluster has been failed across successfully. You will experience a slower than usual page load for a few minutes whilst the database caches are updated.

We will repost here once everything returns to normal.

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Due to a hardware failure on one of the Database Clusters we are needing to fail across to our redundant systems. This will effect a subset of subscribers.

Your systems will become unresponsive for a short time and then may perform slightly slower (5 minutes) whilst database caches are restored.

No data will be lost during this process.

We will post here again once the systems have been restored.

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We are investigating reports of intermittent performance issues from a small number of customers. We are monitoring closely and investigating the root cause of this as a priority. We will provide further updates as soon as they are available.

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Affected components
  • Database Clusters