We believe this issue to be resolved.

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We are seeing restored pop2opencrm connectivity with Microsoft 365 mailboxes however some customers may still be encountering issues. To reiterate, this does not appear to be an OpenCRM issue.

We advise customers with Microsoft 365 email accounts who are not seeing emails imported automatically into OpenCRM to first check that their mailboxes are working.

You can do this using Microsoft's reachability tool here:

Please contact Microsoft direct if there are any errors shown, or your mailboxes are not working.

Our support team are happy to help with any queries, however, it is likely that we will need to direct you to these steps initially.

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Some customers may be experiencing issues with emails not being imported into their system by Pop2OpenCRM from Microsoft 365 accounts.

Pop2OpenCRM is currently unable to connect to some Microsoft 365 email accounts.

Reachability tests conducted outside of our network indicate that this is an issue with the Microsoft 365 POP3 servers, however we continue to monitor and investigate.

This has also been logged with Microsoft.

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Affected components
  • Email Services
    • Bulk Mail /Mail Relay Services
  • Third Party Services
    • Jotform